Naval Attaché

Enrique Antonio BALBI
Navy Commodore

Navy Commodore Enrique Antonio BALBI is the Argentine Naval Attaché.
He is 53 years old and he is a native of Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He is married to Patricia and he has a daughter, Belén (26), and two sons, Matías and Nicolás (28), twins.
He graduated from the Argentine Naval Academy in 1988, and completed studies for service as a submarine officer, following his father's steps, also a submarine officer. He is also a graduate in Naval Systems from the Naval University Institute (2000).
He holds a master’s degree in Organizational Communications Management from Austral University (2017) and he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in University Management at Mar del Plata National University.

He also completed several courses and seminars, among others:

- 2008, Planning and Staff Course, Joint War College, Joint Chiefs of Staff.
- 2006, Postgraduate Seminar on Risk Management and Disaster Relief, Del Salvador University.
- 2004, Command and General Staff Course, Naval War College, Argentine Navy.

His shore and staff assignments, among others, are:

- Head of Naval Institutional Communication Department and Navy Spokesman from 2014 to 2018;
- Director, Submarine and Dive School in 2012 and 2013;
- Operations Officer at Submarine Force Command in 2010;
- Deputy Director, Submarine and Dive School in 2009.

At-sea, he served as:

-Commander on board submarine A.R.A. “SALTA” in 2011;
-Executive Officer on board submarine A.R.A. “SANTA CRUZ” in 2007;
-Commander on board patrol ship A.R.A “MURATURE” in 2006;
-Executive Officer on board submarine A.R.A. “SAN JUAN” in 2005.

His career also includes assignments abroad:

-NATO annual meeting on search and rescue of sunk submarines, Brussels, Belgium, 2005;
-Professional practice on board of Brazilian submarine rescue ship “FELINTO PERRY”, 2003;
-Professional practice at the Submarine Forces Command, Peruvian Navy, 1999;
-Fleet Exercise, Norfolk, USA, on board of the Argentinean submarine A.R.A. “SAN JUAN”, 2004;
-United Nations humanitarian aid operation in former Yugoslavia on board of Argentinean transport A.R.A. “CABO DE HORNOS”, 1992;
-Training trip on board of Argentinean tall ship A.R.A. “LIBERTAD” around the world, 1988.